AWG is experienced.

Sex: female
Age: 25
Occupation: restaurant worker
Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Japan

Fulminant hepatitis
Stomach discomfort, nausea, no appetite, dyspnea, and unconsciousness
First Visit: January 17, 2002
Hospital: S Hospital
Before and after the AWG treatment
The first symptom I noticed was dyspepsia and nausea as if I had morning sickness. A general practitioner made diagnosis of gastritis and prescribed medicine for a week, but the condition did not improve. So, I visited HR Hospital, and was hospitalized for acute hepatitis. Doctors told "Your hepatitis is caused by unknown viruses other than hepatitis A, B or C viruses". They also explained that they had no means of treatment.
The condition gradually deteriorated. I couldn't take meal, and suffered psychological damage with nausea and convulsion. Finally I became unconsciousness from dyspnea, and fell into very critical condition. On the evening of January 17, I was rushed by ambulance to S Hospital in Yokohama. The diagnosis was fulminant hepatitis. Doctors told my mother, "We are not sure she can live through the night. There is nothing we can". At 11:30 PM, my mother decided to have the treatment with AWG for me at the S Hospital. AWG treatment with No.0000, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000, 0000 (for Body) was continued until the next morning. (AWG treatment was not informed of doctors.) I recovered consciousness in the next morning. My mother and I embraced each other with joy. We were really relieved.
Severe treatment at S Hospital followed including daily administration of interferon or as many as 30 tablets at one time. Psychological side effects developed, and doctors pointed out the risk of suicide. On February 5, I decided to leave the hospital for myself to avoid suicide.

Words of doctors at S Hospital
It's unbelievable the marker was lowered below 100 after interferon was stopped!
Her recovery is unusual. I can't believe.
Usually, her disease needs over six months of hospitalization.
You're quite lucky!
The marker fell rapidly. It's miracle!
On February 12, I was hospitalized for medical tests at HR Hospital. (I had continued AWG during the hospitalization). The result of repeated tests was an improvement of the marker. I thought AWG was really effective. Now, the marker is normalized and stable, and I drive a car every day to my workplace at 50 km away.
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