Feature of AWG

AWG kills viruses and bacteria
Soft electrons used in AWG penetrate the affected parts of the body at a high speed of 300,000 km/second. They attack and destroy envelopes (crystal goblets) of viruses and bacteria without damaging human cells. Sodium hydrogen carbonate taken before the AWG treatment reacts with destroyed pathogens in the blood, thus TOXIN is neutralized into calcium carbonate and finally excreted into urine and sweat.

AWG enhances the autonomic nervous system
The effective projection sites of soft electrons are the spine or intervertebral foramina at which nerve branches gather. Autonomic nerves run through intervertebral foramina of the cervical spine, the dorsal spine, the lumbar spine, and the sacral vertebras, so the projection of the microwave to these parts is expected to immediately improve pain, inflammation or swelling.

AWG treats human tissue cells
Diseases of the internal organs or muscles cause replenishment of electrolyzed water such as lymph and tissue fluid in the viruses and bacteria infected sites. Because these sites conduct more soft electrons than normal cell tissues, soft electrons intensively attack viruses and bacteria. Tissue fluid in affected sites such as cancer is wasteful, and tends to form larger clusters. Soft electrons also destroy these large water clusters and improve the circulation of intracellular tissue fluid. This mechanism is considered as the reason of rapid remission of cancer caused by AWG projection.

AWG alkalize the acidic body
Each of the 60 trillion cells in the human body, which are all necessary for normal function of the body, needs sufficient oxygen and nutrients supplied from weak alkaline blood circulating throughout capillaries. However, in sick condition, the blood rapidly becomes acidic. In the more serious and chronic condition, the blood becomes tar-like with acidosis, along with the larger water clusters formed and retained in diseased tissue cells. This further worsens the condition. AWG projects specifically designed composite frequencies (Hertz) to the acidic body, promoting secretion of insulin by activating ion channel in the islet Langerhans cells and secretion of glycogen from the spleen. With AWG projection the blood becomes weak alkaline for only 39 minutes.

AWG smashes crystals of calcium lactate and body wastes
Viruses, bacteria, diseased tissue cells and intercellular tissues, and blood calcium cause diseases. Also, the body wastes produced by triglyceride, cholesterol, lipid peroxide and active oxygen are the cause of illness. They are shaken off by ultra-microvibration, a few hundredths to a few tenths of that of traditional ultrasonic imaging, and are destroyed by electrons. Similarly, oxidized or crystallized calcium lactate etc. are shaken off by tremors of repeatedly contracting and dilating blood vessels and tremors of tissue cells caused by electrons. Sodium hydrogen carbonate taken before AWG dissolves such body wastes, what we call TOXIN, into calcium carbonate, which are then excreted from the body into urine and sweat. This mechanism to clean TOXIN is made by synergistic effect of electron penetration and ultra-microvibration, equivalent to a few tenths of ultrasonic wave.

AWG drastically enhances immune system
Soft electrons used in AWG destroy envelopes (crystal goblets) of viruses and bacteria to kill them. This promotes enhancement of immune system (macrophages, lymphocytes, R cells, T cells and NK cells and their secretion). Remove of viruses and enhanced immune system can drastically restore the health.
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