Introduction of AWG

"Virus", "bacteria" and "super pathogen" are now outbreaking all over the world, caused by acquired resistance to antibiotics developed by the state of the art knowledge on medical science. Epidemiological studies on viruses and bacteria conducted at 37 medical research centers in 30 nations found that 46 % of typhoid bacilli, the cause of typhoid fever, is estimated to be resistant, meaning that treatment with antibiotics is useless. Typhoid bacillus was once believed to have completely been eradicated. Also, resistance is spreading rapidly in the case of easily treated gonorrhea and dysentery, and more than 90 % of Vibrio cholera is now estimated to be resistant. The World Health Organization declares, "in the 21st century, human beings will face a difficult battle against viruses".

New approach, substitute for antibiotics
Since the last century, scientists, pharmacologists, biologists and microbiologists working in the medical field have devoted themselves to root out viruses. However, they only recognized they could never win a victory over endless challenges by resistant viruses and bacteria, even with the strongest treatment agents. Physics, which our approach is based on, has not been paid much attention and not been regarded as useful in medical settings. However, we have tried seeking a solution with new physical techniques using natural materials, which never damage human cell tissues. The great power in electrons was found to help us put an end to the tough and expensive battle against viruses. This approach, based on physics, realizes innovative therapy for virus infection without damaging human tissue cells.

Eradicate viruses with electronics
A human cell contains atomic nuclei and electrons. Electrons are the most easily removed ultimate elementary particles. These electrons are found to make the great contribution to human beings. We have been involved in research of controlling electrons, applying quantum theory, and have finally developed a new virus sterilization technique with effectively hitting envelopes (crystal goblets of cells). This is an innovative elementary-particle-sterilization, which never allows or induces resistant pathogens. This is also a more ideal human-friendly sterilization, compared with current sterilization with drug agents, made possible by the complexities, the wonders, and the power of nature.

Emeritus professor at Global Peace University
Emeritus professor at Hanseo University



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